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Around the World

If you are travelling to South America, then stop by Colombia for some Yoga and Tantra in Bogota or Medellin with Agama Yoga.

Popular Thai Detox Retreats

Health retreats of all kinds are increasing in popularity around the world and it’s easy to understand why.
Healthy living and adjusting your lifestyle is a popular topic at the moment and there is a real push, particularly in the Western world to get fitter and start living healthier. If you are looking for Yoga in Thailand click here to visit the Yoga Retreat Koh Phangan.. Activities previously considered very spiritual are now being embraced by healthy lifestyle guru’s with things such as meditation, yoga and detox diets now commonly heard terms. Health retreats such as this found in Thailand is a great way to spend a few days or even a few weeks focused on getting healthy by cleaning both your mind and your body.

Thailand detox retreats are popular for a number of reasons with the primary one being the fact that they are renowned for being of very high quality. There are various options of resorts available from very small and quiet ones to larger ones that have a good balance of peacefulness with enough visitors that there are people with whom to socialise. In fact it is a great way to meet like-minded people as everyone is there for the same purpose and with the same goals; to get healthier and supporting each other makes it all the more easier.

Salads and Smoothies

Whether you are considering a cleanse and considering your pre-cleanse preparatory diet, you would like to create your own raw cleanse or you simply want to incorporate raw foods into your regular diet for a healthier routine, you may find yourself at a loss as to how to go about it. The simplest foods to consume are salads and smoothies. Salads and smoothies both offer nutrient density and low calories, great for a healthy lifestyle.

Consider starting your day with a breakfast smoothie. Fresh smoothies offer a lot of nutrition in a form that is easy for the body to absorb. Start with kale, spinach or another leafy green vegetable. Add an apple or half an apple for sweetness and fiber, a tablespoon of flaxseed for Omega 3 fatty acids and more fiber. You can also add some berries for more sweetness and and antioxidants. Round it out with a superfood, such as wheatgrass powder or algae. If you start your day with a breakfast smoothie a few times a week, you may experience better energy and feeling of wellness.

Many people think of salads as boring, but they don’t have to be. When it comes to creating a salad, the possibilities are endless. Bell peppers, Cabbage, tomato, carrot, beetroot, celery, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, red onion are all great building blocks of a nutrient dense salad. You can sweeten your salad with raw, local honey or stevia. Apple cider vinegar can kill bacteria, while citrus fruits can help raise pH in the digestive tract. Garlic is an effective antiseptic, while pumpkin seeds can help wipe out parasites. Herbs, spices, and sea salt are all great additions. Soak some nuts and blend with basil, parsley or other herbs and a bit of garlic for a creamy pesto dressing. Or make your own salsa. You really are only limited by your imagination.

Visit Amity Wellness – Detox Thailand

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Pure Gain – Acupuncture, Massage & Float tank therapy Brisbane


Natural Benefit is what specifically our therapies provide you with. We provide you with back to physical well-being and natural serenity, similarly to what your body needs. We aspire for people to be devoid of health issue, in good shape, attuned, and taking pleasure in all longevity packages. Both acupuncture and massage have actually been therapeutic modalities for a millennium, and are still being recommended after therapies because they are effective. Floating therapy is a contemporary component of our programs and guarantees magnificent health benefits for physique and psyche. With vast experience acquired over 25 years, we make it easier to bring your body to physical well-being together with your psyche back to serenity and calmness. It is our honour, advantage and zeal to aid you to recover and preserve a sound body and perfect livelihood.

Acupuncture  Brisbane

Advantages Of Acupuncture

We use very fine needles and sophisticated methods to provide the most effective and soothing treatment. Our therapy procedures are flawlessly suited to all, even if you don’t like “needles”. We use tools that do not pierce the skin layers to take care of children and render effective treatments without injuries. The application of heat at specified acupuncture spots accomplishes an entirely nurturing and balancing treatment. Cupping is also used.

Acupuncture is concerned with the regulation of the energetic circuitry of the body. The acupuncturist can balance energetic disharmonies, release blockages and impact most degrees of man that is the musculoskeletal, physiological and psycho-emotional degrees.



Massage Brisbane

We bring you 12 years of practical knowledge in remedial, sports, energetic and relaxation massage in Brisbane.

Our therapist Rebecca operates sensitively and skillfully to release muscle spasm tightness and enhance release, without resulting in stress or added pressure in the process. Each therapy is specific for individuals. Her knowledge and skills allow for discharge through targeted techniques and her sensitivity enables relaxation through gentle techniques – she works with you, to discover and deliver what is right for you.


Rebecca has a specified love of releasing neck and shoulder strain, as well as relieving the lower backache. She offers corrective and relaxation treatments for women who are with child – we keep the treatment safe and effective. Through years of positive experiences with therapeutic massage, Rebecca embraces its restorative perspective and invites you to experience this too.


Float tank Brisbane

Floating involves suspension in 30cm of a highly concentrated magnesium sulphate solution in a reservoir which enables a person to stay afloat effortlessly. The reservoir is kept at a constant skin temperature of 34.5 C. Neural endings underlying the skin cannot be competent to perceive any feelings of a breakup between the epidermis and the silky mineral bathtub surrounding it. You float in silence, or perhaps if you prefer, with gentle ambient melodies. The place is actually dark, however, you may switch the light on at any time and even keep it on if you want.

David: Acupuncture Specialist

A professional and nationally renowned acupuncturist, David has been helping people on their adventures towards health since 2000, using acupuncture and manual remedies.


Rebecca: Massage Therapist

Rebecca has gained enough experience in this field since 2004 by treating people. She is enthusiastic about the recovery capacity of a regular yoga exercise practice in conjunction with massage, acupuncture and floating.


  float tank, massage & acupuncture brisbane




Kathmandu Guest House

About Kathmandu One of the least expensive travel locations in the world is Kathmandu. There’s a rich history in the area for you to enjoy behind the sights, smells, and sounds of your travel experience.

The backstreets of the area will open you up to the history and culture. In the capital you’ll find courtyards, workshops, and temples to explore that have stayed the same for many years. The country will open up before your eyes when you explore some of these amazing areas.

The History

We can go back to the 12th century to trace the foundation of Kathmandu which was during the Malla Dynasty. The documented history can be traced the way back to Kiratis which was during the 7th century.The original settlement was driven by the Tibet trade route and allowed the city to grow.

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Kantipur was the original name of Kathmandu and during the Malla Dynasty, this area flourished. During this era many monuments, temples and other structures were built. The area of Kathmandu was originally independent, but a Mall king called Bhaktapur, united the area. Three independent kingdoms came into being in the 15th century during a time of division. This were Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kathmandu. There was rivalry during this time as wellas war with each area left weakened as a result. Prithvi Narayan Shah invaded the area in 1768. Nepal was then united and the Shah Dynasty followed with Kathmandu becoming the capital which it has held until this day.

The Culture

There’s a lot of sculpture and art in the Kathmandu Valley. You’ll find these in the gompas, stupas, shrines, temples, chaityasm, and other areas around Kathmandu.

Are galleries and museums are also prevalent here. Some of these include the Natural History Museum of Nepal, the Hanumandhoka Palace Complex, and the National Museum of Nepal.

In Kathmandu it’s the center or art in the Nepal area. You’ll find works by both historical artists as well as contemporary ones. The art evokes both modern themes as well as the traditionalism of the area. Some of the best galleries include the Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery and the NAFA Gallery.

You’ll find over 70,000 books in the National Library of Nepal. There’s also Nepalese cinema and theaters located in Kathmandu too. Dane and music is also prevalent in the city. The traditional music festival is Gunla.

Traditional food is called dal bhat which is lentil soup and rice served with achar and vegetables.

The Tourism

* Durbar Square – Kinds of the city were crowned here in the past.
* Garden of Dreams – An amazing enclave with true beauty in Kathmandu.
* Swayambhunath Temple -This is called the Monkey Temple due to the number of monkeys found in the northwestern area of this temple.
* Hanuman Dhoka – During the Licchavi period this museum was founded. NarayanhitiPlalace Museum – This is a public museum, but was once the place of monarchs.

In Kathmandu you can also take mountain flights or go trekking to various areas. We have everything to make your stay in Kathmandu a memorable one, so book with us today!

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