Hostel Costa Rica

Hostel Costa Rica

The La Fortuna-based Costa Rican Organic Farm Experience second to no other. THE ESSENCE ARENAL HOSTEL & ORGANIC FARM WARMLY RECEIVES YOU.

Chart your ships of experience unto the coasts of the Costa Rican unique values and rich luxuries. Just on Lake Arenal, lying on the upper surface of the highlands facing Arenal Volcano, the Essence Arenal is well placed in El Castillo. El Castillo is one micro community close to La Fortuna.

Given the wide expanse of originally situated forest and carefully decorated nature, the amazing sightings are sure to catch the breath of our visitors. In thrilling our guests we are champion and do not nurture any intention of losing the title soon.

If Epic is fun, then you should consider the fun of blazing the paths of the natural forest through to the waterfalls that hang over the hills in the rain forest. Catch great moments with warm Springs that glitter in purity, catch he moments of horse-ridings and strolls under umbrellas, catch the fantasy of feeling the blood that flows through the veins of nature itself. Come to Essence Arenal, it’s the finest azure you can think of, come to your ever welcoming home!

Hint on the Facilities in the Hostels From the comfort of the Hostels, you can take a good pose to catch great glimpses of the Arenal volcano, the El Castillo valley, as well as the lakes. You also enjoy the luxury of a great Yoga Deck, top quality Jacuzzi, amazing Veg-based Eateries; mixed organic farming structure ha combines different variety of plants, bushes, and livestock.

Our guest also enjoy the luxury of a beautifully looking Swimming Pool and a bed hanging around like a rocking chair, a Tilapia pond, provisions for exciting warm bath, the thrill of perusing our 22-hectare organic farm and natural rain forest. They also enjoy the laundry services and Wireless surfing that is made available free of charge, and the first-class massages in our Bamboo Spa.

We have got eateries on site as well that cater for your feeding needs be it lunch or breakfast or dinner. In addition, our guests can chose to participate in the Dinner Demo cuisines that features our quality chefs baring their skills before our guests, by making foreign based foods touched with the hands of vegetarianism.

A peep into our Camp There is nothing better than a solace in salted air, than the serenity that greets you as you travel through from our hostel down the naturally fabricated forests that by no means plans to deny you the fun of adventure. This is not to add the pleasurable view of the Arenal Volcano and the ever smiling Lake.

While our camp site is currently being built, we make provisions for a toilet, shower, a basic swimming pool, some good portion of grounds for the camping experience, and we do not forget the kitchen.

The fact that what we have got is a permaculture farm, there is the ease of interaction with animals like fine birds and beautifully colored zebra and giraffe. You are guaranteed utter fun experience. Indeed!

Our Location Specifying an address in the whole of Costa Rica would have presented some difficulty, but once you find yourself in El Castillo, you can meet us at 1 km sur de la escuela. We are westward of la Fortuna, and from there you can precisely take route 142. Essence Arenal is however almost 30km in the northwestern direction of la Fortuna. In order to reach us, there are different transportation options you can choose from:

There are several permutations possible as regards the BUS Choices. The major buses take off at 30 minutes past 6 am from the bus park at Alajuela airport and get to La Fortuna in two hours.

The Alternative Shuttle Service There is also the option of traveling with the traditional shuttles in El Castillo, and they take off from La Fortuna at 7:00 am, 12:30 pm, and 5:30 pm each day; and you would have to make reservation which is priced at $8 USD for a single person. It is a low cost alternative indeed plus the advantage of getting dropped at the door mouth of our hostels.

The shuttle is loaded up at Supermercado Christian no. 1, just inside the parking space situated near the Cabinas Las Palmas. There is an everyday return journey as well from the Essence Arenal in 4 hours interval from 6 am with the last trip being at 4pm.

Conveyance via Shared Shuttle This transportation choice is quite characterized by loud prices that range from $40 to $50 USD for a single individual.

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