Ibogaine Canada

Ibogaine treatment Canada

Control Your Own Mind:

When we fall into negative thoughts along with the patterns and beliefs that go with it, we lose our way. Ibogaine treatment will help you get full control of your thoughts once again. You will experience a clear mind and see a clear path for your life.

The Overall Experience:

Sacred Soul Therapy House follows the native customers that surround the Iboga root and the African Bwiti practice. Experience the traditional Bwiti fireside ceremony where techniques, tools and skills will help you perceive yourself and enjoy the ultimate art of living.

The people at Sacred Soul Therapy have gone through vigorous shamanic training in the true tradition and have traveled to Africa to complete their complete initiations and rites of passage. During these ceremonies, practitioners divulge knowledge they have learned through the study of Bwiti. They guide our guests through their own journeys. Through great guidance, guests enter the core of what is causing great dis-harmony within their lives.

The core of Iboga is simple truths and truth is everything we experience in our physical and spiritual worlds. What each of us goes through within our lives has an affect on how we perceive our lives now. When first born, we enter a world of joy, love and expectations. These emotions can get lost in the fray of life. Our guest are guided through medicinal therapies to release all these negatives and find an inner peace.

How To Join Us:

Guests must complete a health questionnaire before receiving a quote and a specific information package. You may choose from an 8-day session or a 5-day session. You will enter into our five-star facility with private guests suites that are located in the Tantalus Mountain Range. Our log home sits on 10 acres with the luxury of all modern conveniences among the raw and peaceful environment in the natural North American wilderness.

Our Iboga ceremonies are fireside with our state of the art Bwiti temple and our guests are given full support for their spiritual journeys.

Guests will be given wild harvested African herbs for cleansing and releasing all negative energies that are no longer needed.

In Conclusion:

If you are suffering from low self esteem, an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. If you suffer from trauma, physical or mental pain or depression we are here to help you turn your life around with Ibogaine Treatment in Canada. With an ancient root, set in a serene environment of the North American wilderness, you will discover the pathway back to a happy, healthy and well adjusted life. You chose a wrong path at some moment in your life, but you do not have to continue down that path, instead you can take a much higher road. Come join us and when your sojourn is completed, you will be whole, both physically and mentally.