Iboga retreats Costa Rica

Ibogaine Treatment Retreats Costa Rica


The major use of Iboga is for detoxifying the mind, body and soul, healing at the most profound physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.

Sooner or later in our lives, a large number of us have suffered some form of injury or the other. For some the injuries are deeply rooted, while for some they may only be as little as being bullied as kids. Though these experiences may have influenced us in manners that we never completely understood, the subconscious mind is where memories are stored, only to reemerge and affect us without conscious knowledge. Our various injuries may have come in form of mental, physical, sexual, emotional, or extreme misery or misfortune. We may have seen, or been caught up, in a shocking event. These may have happened to us as kids, adolescents, grown-ups, or at various moments in our lives. As time passes, these encounters become engraved into our subliminal mind, which forms programming and conditioning that can be exhibited in form of self-devastating conduct, substance abuse, addiction, dietary issues, and a few undesirable ways of dealing with stress. By adapting— or concealing what’s real— we give room to depression, fear, self-limiting imaginations, insecurity, uneasiness, separation from self and source, destructive feelings, upsetting memories, or thoughts of persistent stress.

Ibogaine possesses sufficient intelligence to head straight to the source of our trauma. The manifestations aren’t disregarded, but rather the essential treatment is highly concentrated around the reason for the health problem, in this manner mitigating the side effects. A veteran instructor, Iboga will offer us bits of knowledge on the possible outcome of our life in the event that we keep going down a road that is devoid of consciousness of our true identity. It shows us how amazing life can be the moment we purify and rid ourselves of old habits and start to live our lives with love, value and reverence.

This medication empowers a reconnection to our spirit. A connection with our identity prior to the trauma we experienced. It puts us in touch with our purest state. The wisdom and use of the plant will improve our sense of consciousness in order to aid us in having a clear knowledge of our interests, motivations, inventiveness and perseverance. By putting us in touch with our warm and kind hearts we get this chance to feel a strong measure of appreciation for the joy of being alive. It will make us receptive to our superior capabilities and show us our mind has no limit to its ability.

Ibogaine is a root that travels through the body in its characteristic way. It is deeply rooted within us, revealing the main source of our misery. It uncovers the approach through which we can mend and change our lives to make wealth and health. It will afford us the chance to be the witness of the journey of our life in order for us to start accepting it for what it is.