Mallorca Estate Agents

Mallorca Estate Agents

Rent or buy your Mallorca property to suit your needs and lifestyle

Many people who visit the serene island of Mallorca fall in love with everything it has to offer form the vibrant culture to the stunning beaches. Visitors returning to the island is a common occurrence so much so that an increasing number of Europeans as well as expats from all over the world are choosing to buy themselves a property on the island so that it is there for them to return to each and every time. Rather than feeling like a guest in a hotel, they are able to feel as though they can make themselves comfortable in their own home.

For those who would rather not by a property but are interested in staying somewhere on longer term basis such as for six months or a year, long term rentals are another option. At First Mallorca we have a huge range of properties, some of which are for sale and some to rent so we can find the perfect arrangement for you. We understand that everyone has different needs and lifestyles and we work hard to match up the right people with the right property so that every one can fully enjoy their stay on the island each and every time.

Services to expect to receive from a quality estate agency

When it comes to Real Estate Agencies there are a few services that you expect to receive but a number of additional ones that contribute to making one company stand out from another. A sales department for instance is one area that everyone associates with estate agents and some have a reputation for pushing the hard sale. However, a quality estate agent will know that this is one small aspect of the overall process and at First Mallorca matching our buyers with their ideal property is just as important as the final sale.

In order to help ensure that our clients feel comfortable throughout the process all of our employees are friendly and professional. Potential buyers are sent and accompanied to all viewings in one of our company cars by an experienced and qualified agent. One of the most beneficial services that we provide as far as the seller is concerned is the incredibly effective marketing campaign that we create. As we keep thorough records of what each of our buyers is searching for, our behind the scenes staff help to ensure that those potential buyers that make a good match are notified as soon as a suitable property comes on the market. Services provided extent beyond the sale and we will help to make your move into your new property as smooth and trouble free as possible.