Rebirth India, Thailand

Rebirth Thailand & India

Welcome, Enjoy your Rebirth with us! Dreams do not have any limits; then why limit yourself?

Although dreams are not real, they definitely provoke a change in you. Even science has proved it that energy comes when your thoughts are in the right place. This clearly indicates that to accomplish something in this Universe, you will have to dream of it and your conscious will follow track to help you in your transformation.

Come, join us in an experience that brings you close to your conscious awareness and help you with healing of the present moment, so that you expand into a version of yourself that you would never have imagined previously! Rebirthing courses are presently offered in India, Thailand and Bali.

Unlimited You: Tantra Rebirth
Using a powerful self-use technique, this model of self development is actually useful as it makes you realize that you can create your own freedom, self-actualization and will make you realize that happiness comes from within and not from external factors. It incorporates the usage of breathing techniques to make use of effective methods of Tantra, Yoga, dance, movement practices, energy work, therapy and awareness to embark you on a journey of personal awareness.

It is being taught by trainers who have attended workshops in Cyprus, Australia, Hungary, India and China. The healing sessions enable you to understand that you have no boundaries and the sessions are held in person or by Skype with Chandra, the creator of Unlimited you! Healing retreats are currently offered in Thailand and India.

Rebirthing Practitioner Training
If people wish to undergo Personal Transformation and Healing by creating renewal and lasting positive change in their lives at levels that include spiritual, mental, energetic, emotional and physical aspects, this would be the best course.

* A total of 15 rebirthing sessions will be provided in this healing retreat and training, which includes fire purification and seminars on various intriguing topics such as emotional healing, changing of core beliefs, psychology, conscious creation, body mastery and various other topics.

* The skills that are required as a part of self-healing are also taught in this workshop, which will help you throughout your life. The trick is to focus on breath to attain spiritual and personal development by focusing on practices of self-paced learning and self-awareness.

The breathing techniques will allow you to control your emotional, spiritual and mental aspects, so that even your cellular memory is reprogrammed. Techniques that are vital for rebirthing are taught in the training. It is a 30 hour pre-professional workshop that teaches self-clearing training and the breathing techniques can be applied by participants to realize how useful it would be, or to take up the next course as a rebirthing practitioner.

The training has more to do with your experience rather than terming it as a knowledge session.

* Towards the end of the session, you will gain awareness regarding repetitive patterns.
* Emotional healing techniques can be experienced.
* You will be able to overcome career stress and burnout.

Rebirth India & Thailand