Tantra teacher Bali & Ibiza

Tantra teacher Bali & Ibiza

It’s wonderful to meet you! I am Sofia Sundari and I am dedicated to helping people like you!

Remember the beauty, power, and innocence of your erotic nature?

I am your Tantra teacher, coach, love and sexuality expert. You might be under the concept that we have orgies with people of all genders all day long or I am some other worldly realm which has nothing to do with reality. That is just not true!

I am simply offering people an expanded look at what the human existence really looks like I am offering what your human existence should really look like! I welcome our students to question beliefs that are deeply ingrained in society to block you from experiencing the full scope of life and being free. These are beliefs about the nature of your sexuality, emotions, relationships, and your entire life in general. This is what most believe life and sexuality should be.

I will bring you to a place where your guilt stops being shameful and actually nourishes your light and allows your spirituality and sexuality to become one. You will be given tools for expansion, freedom, and authenticity. You will never be seen as damaged and in need of repair. I am here to remove the veils that are preventing your magnificence from shining throughout to the world and within yourself.

I am here to provide a sacred, safe place for you to remove your masks and reveal your true beauty before the world. I have traveled the world and guided thousands of people to remember the love that they have hidden within themselves. We have created the Priestess School which is an in-depth study and practice for women who are ready to step into the most enlightening phase of their lives. Sacred Feminine Immersion is an annual retreat in Bali where women can delve into the sacredness of their own femininity. We have created Yoni Yoga which is an online system for women to release their erotic essences. We have written 2 books and held Gift of Love workshops while creating an online course “Tantra Your Love” Workshops and an online Tantra “Your Initiation Into Sacred Sexuality” where you can delve deeper into what is being offered to you. Get our Free eBook!

Your Orgasmic Guide: Tantra courses, retreats, priestess schools, yoni egg training and tantric couples training are available in both Bali and Ibiza. The Private Tantra Retreat: Tantric Immersion is a 3 to 5 days retreat with Sofia Sundari which is perfect for deep individual work. No matter what your dynamic state, your requirements in your life, at this time, and what you need. I will create a program for you to dive deeply into transformational Tantric and Taoist practices. Private retreats are usually held at a private villa in Bali or Ibiza. Which ever location you prefer, I can discuss that with you. The retreats are excellent for those who are single or for couples.

Tantra teacher Bali & Ibiza