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Where to stay in Ibiza

Where to stay in Ibiza

Bungalows These are among the commonly known lodging places at Torrent Bay. The bungalows at Torrent Bay are well designed for convenience as they are for guests who desire to be exposed in the vicinity of the island. With a private garden or a roof-top for relaxing while the sun heats, the bungalows are situated in the centre of the hotel beside the swimming pool. Each of these bungalows has a sparkling interior together with bedrooms housing sofa beds, dining section, kitchen and televisions. These bungalows at Torrent Bay are a perfect place for families to unwind.

Deluxe Contemporary style, a lot of room and huge points of interest characterize these apartments. Seen in each deluxe apartment is a private balcony where families and friends are made comfortable. Here, guests can also have their sun bath while enjoying the perspective of the sea. Ibiza's notoriety is one of indulgent leisure and its own specific style of downplayed, casual refinement. The Deluxe apartments in Torrent Bay exemplify this style with unparalleled luxury, top quality lodging and added pleasantries to guarantee that your stay is memorable. The interior decor is well furnished and it echoes the colors of Ibiza having the blues and the aquamarines of the sea, the countryside colors as well as the blush-colored sunsets. Contained in the deluxe apartments are also high class furniture, bathrooms and complete kitchens, refrigerator, freezer for items, washing machine as well as dish washer. Daily experiences and activities Deluge Bay is encompassed by amazing seas, mountains and valleys with wonderful weather. Not minding a person's age, interest or experience, adventure seekers are usually seduced by Ibiza and families are entertained as well.

Tourist Train Es Caná You will experience an enjoyable ride over the hills, into the valleys and the island's pinewood forest when you go by the Ibiza's Tourist Train. You will bask in the sun, relish the cooling breezes and breathe in the fragrances of pine and rosemary while you take in the stunning scene. Also, remember the camera and the additional film or memory card! At 10:30 each morning, the Tourist Train sets out over nation roads to the wonderful beaches of Es Figueral, Es Pou des Lleó, Cala Boix, then down past the shoreline of Cala Mastella and stops so you can take an enjoyable dip in the shoreline at Cala Leña and subsequently comes back to Es Caná. The train, at 3:30 every afternoon, travels far into the countryside of Ibiza stopping at the small village of San Carlos for a visit to a chapel of the 18th century and a real farm house of the 17th century. While going back, the train will stop once more for a visit to a peaceful, serene shoreline having a small before you will be taken back to Es Caná.

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