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Danyasa Bamboutique
While in our eco-friendly haven, all of your needs can be catered to by our Bamboutique aptly named for the materials where the store was made from. We have a wide range of exclusive beach wear, jewelry and props for yoga such as mats from Manduka. We also offer clothing, art, jewelries and soap. All materials are sourced from organic raw resources like cotton and bamboo fabrics from our talented friends locally here in Costa Rica and around the globe. Check out our one of a kind product lineup at the Bamboutique and don’t forget to bring some memories back home.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Eco-Retreat?
As we aim to provide retreat spaces that are sanctuaries for transformation and the healing arts, our eco-resort has been prepared to facilitate such needs in a preserved natural setting reeking of natural beauty perfect for yoga and surfing.

Do we do yoga classes in the beach?
Not exactly in the beach but by the beach so the aroma of the ocean stays fresh in your entire experience. All yoga classes are held at the Bamboo Yoga Play studio which is the heart and soul of Danyasa Eco-Retreat. It has state of the art sound system with bamboo floors that make movement easy and one with nature. Our Bamboo Yoga Play studio has been ranked high by many guests and aggregate review sites such as Costa Rica Journeys and Costa Rica Retreats maintaining its stalwart position in tops 2 and 3 spots respectively.

What are Eco-Accommodations?
We do not just advertise it, we live by it that the moment you step in our resort, everything else is environmentally friendly. All our facilities are remarkably made from some of the best materials found in locally sustainable resources especially our bamboos. During your stay, our laundry agents only use cleaning products that are tagged safe for the environment while our boutique has a unique array of eco-friendly products from stainless steel straws to organic cotton and bamboo clothing.

Will your classes be suitable even for beginner yogi and surfers?
Absolutely yes! It is part of our mission to provide all daily classes that are flexible enough to accommodate all levels of learners including beginners. So fret not if you haven’t even tried both previously. Our guides and instructors will be with your learning journey every step of the way.