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Samarasa Center is based in Echo Park, Los Angeles. It presents a community for Meditation, Transformative Yoga and Pilates.

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Yoga Los Angeles
Yoga describes an old science of self-discovery. It describes a mechanism created to assist us to recall our exact nature. As the years go by, this system has been embraced and enhanced so that it can blend into modern life easier. But, the main objective is still the same; to find out our true identity.
Samarasa Center entails a secure community for wanderers, seekers, and explorers on this mission. We offer different yoga modalities, acknowledging that varied journeys can result in a similar truth when implemented enthusiastically and with honesty.
It is our wish for you to get something here which is suitable for you. Everyone is welcome.


This lesson splits yoga into transitions and postures, paying attention to flow and alignment. It creates flexibility and power, such as meditation and breath.

Pilates Los Angeles
Joseph Pilates, who is the admired manufacturer of this very famous motion modality stated that Pilates is the total harmonization of body, spirit, and mind. All bodies, whether old or young, strict sportsman or a couch potato, powerful or recovering, will notice and experience a difference in the manner they travel through the globe and will stir a renewed feeling and link between the body and mind. A continuous Pilates practice is going to be helpful to anyone and assist you to perform any act in a better way.
Samarasa Pilates
Our brand Pilates reformer group lesson, which is slower-paced intends to open, decompress as well as revive the physical body while concentrating on body awareness and mind, breath and body coordination.
Sri Prem Baba
Our aim is to become a sanctuary for Prem Baba and his lessons in Los Angeles. We shall form a community for his yearly worldwide discussions and provide workshops from skilled Path of the Heart (psycho-spiritual work methodology from Baba) facilitators and perhaps in the future welcome Baba himself once more.
Samarasa describes an area for seekers to visit and discover the Truth and Love nature safely via a number of modalities such as movement classes, meditation, learning groups, guest teachers and kirtan. Prem Baba supports all of us. His light is inhaled inside the walls.

Teacher Training for Mindfulness Meditation Los Angeles
This training is going to assist to get a more comprehensive understanding of practicing meditation and a summary of the steps of the Buddhist path. Also, it is going to aid you to enhance your practice and improve your capability of offering these lessons in a manner that is truly useful and clear to others in a group as well as the 1-1 setting.
The goal of the program is to reach out to the ones who want to gain more expertise in presenting meditation like healthcare experts, yoga teachers, psychologists, fitness trainers, educators and social workers. Also, it is going to be suitable for the ones who just desire to improve their own understanding and practice.
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Yoga Los Angeles