Yoga in Medellin & Bogota

Yoga Bogota & Tantra courses in Medellin, Colombia

The Agama style of Yoga was not revealed without a detailed survey of Yoga around several continents by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati: focusing on what was offered, the presentation of the techniques, what was lacking, what was (or ought to be) held as the spiritual objectives, etc. The answers provided to these questions unveil the state of Yoga in today’s world. The core aspects of Yoga were omitted, diluted or distorted in the process of teaching. In the Western part, Yoga students were only offered a marketed form of Yoga which shared a lot in common with the general fitness and gymnastics classes than the true ancient science and art of promoting union with God. He was able to establish a realistic system, one that is based on the genuine traditions of the Indian and Tibetan tantric Yoga, fusing together the real methodology of transmitting Yoga, initiation and a structure that places high value on the proper environment, as well as soundness and effectiveness of all that is taught.

Agama has always been a surprise and an unveiling of reality for those who find us. We know that Agama school is distinct, and we have highlighted some of the things that have put us ahead of most organizations that claim to offer same spiritual therapy. We don’t disagree with the claim that experience is irreplaceable. However, the ideas we have provided and the content of other pages about Agama courses are enough to give you a glimpse of what should be expected. Knowing Agama is a good start!

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