Yoga in Perth

Spanda Yoga School Perth

Presently Spanda School is planning to improve the yoga school to a sizable community center. We’ll extend our delivering of yoga, meditation as well as sensitive loving workshops, to involve a community place for various other practitioners, shop, healing therapies, cafe etc. We concentrate on esoteric and detailed yoga training and knowledge.

What we offer

The Spanda School was a branch of the amazingly esoteric and mystical custom of Kashmiri Shivaism in India. Spanda School Perth strives to provide a genuine and unique approach to individual evolution as well as Self-realization. Our broad offering enables the Yogi to build their personal path for the most pleasing and satisfying spiritual practice. There are numerous branches of Yoga, every one of them being more desirable to the various personalities of seekers. At Spanda we are experts in Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga*. *Hatha Yoga possesses a multi-fold goal which includes the refining of the entire body, the harmonizing of feelings, the mastery of stupefying power of mind and Self-Realization.

About Ava

From the time when first become an instructor for Agama Yoga in 2011, Ava had a dream of taking esoteric Yoga and meditation to Perth. Her path of services started giving courses in Mandurah and different studios in South-West, and internationally teaching at Agama Headquarters in Koh Phangan, Thailand as well as the Hridaya School in Mexico. It’s her finest joy to direct other people and herself on the path of Spiritual transformation, adjusting with life’s goal and combining to Spanda or the intrinsic enthusiasm of our hearts. Ava studied Philosophy at University of Sydney and UWA and even Murdoch University, and views herself an academic with a desire for spiritual knowledge. She has a natural gift for coaching and a noteworthy attitude that touches every of her students in an adoring way. Your valuable time spent with Ava would bring a brand new motivation to your life!

Hridaya Perth

We’re thrilled to be providing Hridaya Meditation and Hridaya Hatha Yoga in Perth! Contact Ava for your next group course, meditation retreat or book-in a personal class for a much deeper tuition. Ava provides private courses by scheduled appointment in two distinct locations. Class structure is available for discussion, however usually classes are provided in 3 formats: Private or Personal yoga class:

For special coaching, at any time that you like, a personal yoga courses addresses precisely what you think attracted to work on at this stage in your life.

o At any time and specific location that you like (Mandurah or South Lake)
o Hatha, Hridaya or Flow classes
o Very spiritual and transformative
o Modified to your specific needs

Private meditation class:

Meditation as well as personal awareness is available and essential for everybody who wants fulfillment and improvement. No matter if you are just looking to begin, or previously have knowledge, one-on-one training will make a significant difference to the high quality of your meditation. All this essentials would be explained, providing you with motivation, knowledge as well as effective techniques to motivate your very best Self forward.

o Almost all levels allowed
o Easy strategies designed simply for you and your transformation
o Develop a master over your mind
o Connect greatly to a feeling of serenity and power within

Private Session:
From relationship advice to body work, Ava helps in a variety of healing chores. Spanda School Yoga classes Perth –