Meditation, Yoga and Tantra Retreats: For Self-Realization

Despite how popular Yoga has become, it's still one of the most misunderstood practices for knowledge in modern times. Western culture still perceives this 6,000 year old system as a gymnastic or fitness workout saturated with body capabilities. Yoga, the source for spiritual development, remains illusive to most westerners. The core of this authentic Indian yogic science offers powerful, transformational tools for personal growth that will be revealed for those who want to discover its secrets.

This course is being offered by our experienced Tantra Yoga teacher, Lilisa Maimon. You will learn about this form of Yoga and will practice the following:

The human aura and five subtle bodies and how they influence your health, spiritual destiny and vitality. You will discover how training with the chakras, in Tantra Yoga, will allow you to capture greater confidence, become focused and more intelligent and experience greater love in your life. You will also learn how energy works in both nature and within yourself, according to the universal laws of consistency and reverberation in Tantra.

The chakras is any of the points of spiritual power along the body and these points are epitomized by gods that are released through exercises.

You will discover how to master your mind using meditation and yogic practices, i.e. harnessing its limitless potential.

Discover the benefits of tantric modes of Yoga, including Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and deep relaxation. You will experience this first hand through the practice of purifying the body and energy in order to move this energy to all levels.

This course will offer a great opportunity to gain rare, mystical tantric knowledge and, at the same time, increase a beneficial repertoire of techniques for improving your life everyday. With the ancient process of Tantra Yoga, you will face your own spiritual depths and answers to greater spiritual questions. You will discover your greatest personal growth by Tantra's practical secrets.

Join us to discover yourself!


Can I join this workshop even though I am a total beginner?

You most certainly can. You do not need any previous experience in Yoga and those who have some experience with Yoga, would probably invite you to join in.

As I am experienced in Yoga, will this workshop offer me anything new and valuable?

Yes, we certainly believe you will learn new and valuable aspects. This course if focused on authentic and unchanged tantric teachings that are actually difficult to find in this day and age. You will probably benefit the most through our discussions and practices that will be shared. Even though these teachings come from ancient knowledge, everything is presented in a very practical, ready to use form.

Although meditation is considered a very potent practice with business giants, like Apple and Google, for broadening productivity, it is not a sensory hacking device or controlling for one's inner energy.

None of the above come close to discovering the vast potential strength of the mind, its structure or unlimited power. This unlimited power can carry you to extraordinary heights of mental and spiritual achievements.

Trika Meditation is the all-inclusive order for those who are searching for structured, significant mental self-development that leads directly to self-realization.

Tantra Yoga Retreats Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia

Meditation, Yoga and Tantra Retreats Germany, Brazil, Argentina