Yoga teacher training Thailand & Bali

Yoga teacher training Thailand & Bali

How to apply for the course?
As we expect high bookings, it is best recommended that you apply at the earliest. The fees are USD 2950 and if you enroll at least two months in advance, you will get it at a discounted price of USD 2500.

If you are aged below 23, you will get an additional 15% offer and you can also avail special offers by registering along with your friends. The prices mentioned above are inclusive of breakfast for all days of training and if you are looking for an accommodation, even that is available at a highly affordable price.

Location of the training
We have chosen the best location enclosed in the tropical islands of Southeast Asia so that it is ideal for all yoga trainings. The locations Koh Phangan, Thailand and Bali and Indonesia are all known for the rich mountain cover along with waterfalls, colorful coral reefs and the vast ocean. With the serene surroundings and the friendly locals, you will feel at home in the Yoga community. It is fascinating and your spiritual senses will be enticed when you visit this training camp.

When you spend an entire month amidst these wonderful surroundings, you will be spellbound and refreshed. Due to a sudden change in your environment, you will be able to grow better and will be able to adapt to the new changes in a quicker manner. When you are here, you will be able to redefine yourself.

The accommodation options available here are cheap and you can stay in a nice place for a low price.


In our curriculum, we cover the details about classical Hatha Yoga, which involves practice, theory and application of both in the right methodology.

a) Practice
There are 28 exercises in total which include salutations, relaxation, breathing techniques, spiritual meditation, pranayama, bandha practice, diet etc.

b) Theory
Concentrating on the anatomy of Yoga, the energy structures of the body and the conscious based on Hindu scriptures etc. along with the classical path that is followed in Yoga, is taught in this aspect of training.

c) Methodology
The methodology is important when it comes to maintaining your voice, language and presentation skills. It also matters on how you correct people and introduce them to various aspects of Yoga. There is also a guided teaching experience where you are reviewed by your supervisors for your teaching skills.

Unique Features about the training

The course is mainly taught by Kirsten Reiss and Burkhard Langemann, who are the primary instructors in the academy. They are passionate about teaching and as they always maintain a small group size, they are able to give better attention to everyone and ensure that they are able to guide you personally.

With the increased practice hours along with a rich training on philosophy, you will be in a yogic lifestyle that will give you a better understanding about Hatha Yoga.

The teachers are passionate about teaching and draw inspiration from the pristine surroundings to help you transform, thereby making the teacher training course a one of a kind experience. Although the routine is demanding enough, you will not be feeling tired all through the day, owing to the wonderful environment around you.

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