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Agama Yoga was started with the intent to instill inspiration and guide people in the path of spirituality so that they reach the ultimate destination through Yoga: Enlightenment.

There are different centers and preachers of Agama Yoga located all over the world.

For Beginners To start with Agama Yoga, one has to undergo the First Level Intensive Yoga Course, which is a program spread over four weeks and covers the basic aspects of Yoga and gives an overview of the Agama Yoga practices. It also teaches students about a Tantric form of Yoga which is all about focusing on your energy. This program is perfectly suited for beginners and even Yoga practitioners and teachers will get to learn more by attending. There are a total over 20 Asanas that will be covered and it also teaches an individual about the energy flow and creates awareness along with the benefits of each Asan. Attendees will also get an overview about the five bodies. By attending the spiritual heart daylong intensives and mini-retreat, one can learn about Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra and Buddhism. In this course, emphasis is laid on the nature around us, divinity, one's own self and a confluence of meditation and Hatha Yoga practices. Those who are experienced will get to know more on how to reach deep states of conscious, get aspired spiritually and how to get closer to divinity through Yoga. Any individual irrespective of whether they are beginners or already experienced can attend this session and benefit from it greatly.

It also helps one understand one about death and how to support their loved ones even when they are inching closer to the heavenly abode. By leveraging on the Tibetan Bardo Thodo and other yogic resources, people will not be fearful about death anymore and will emerge out braver. Be a part of the Agama Teacher Training Course You can also join out teacher training program and enlighten others about Agama Yoga as a teacher. There are two types of courses: one is a 200 hour introductory course while the other is a 500 hour program which is spread over 12 weeks. The programs have a well-chalked curriculum and on attending these programs, one can become an excellent teacher.

Enroll for our First Level Intensive Course spanning over 4 weeks! Till date, thousands of individuals have been a part of this 150 hour course which focuses on the basics of Yoga theory and direct you on how to practice Yoga at home. Be a part of this wonderful beginners program.

Guided Meditations in the Morning! You can also join us from Monday to Saturday at 7 AM in the morning to participate in the guided meditation sessions held in the main hall of Agama campus. Both beginners and experienced individuals can participate in this session.

Yoga Holiday Packages There are resorts in Koh Phangan that conduct the First Level Intensive Course and they offer special packaged deals. You can have a rejuvenating and refreshing holiday! The Healing Center was started with the intent to provide Yoga and naturopathic therapies to the community ranging from homeopathy to hypnotherapy and several other massages.

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